After a brain injury or stroke, it is important to stay active and take advantage of neuroplasticity to improve language recovery. The Speech Therapy Aphasia Rehabilitation *STAR* Workbook series provides guided exercises to improve receptive and expressive language function. 

              What can I do to help my recovery after a brain injury or stroke?

- Join a support group: to find one click here

- Get low cost speech therapy through a local University: to find one: click here

-Reach out to other people with aphasia with Aphasia Recovery Connection

-Learn more about the resources available for people with aphasia Recovery Connection's Guide to Living with Aphasia. All proceeds go to support the nonprofit organization's mission to end isolation for people with aphasia.

                  What can you do if you have Aphasia?

        Aphasia is a neurological deficit that impairs the ability to undersand or speak. 

             May have difficulty with: reading, writing, math, spoken language comprehension and communication

                                                                    THE POWER OF NEUROPLASTICITY

                The Speech Therapy Aphasia Rehabilitation *STAR* Workbooks

Provide the opportunity to improve speech, comprehension, reading, writing, and communication at home. 

                            Recover your speech and language function after a stroke or brain injury. 

                         Your brain has the ability to repair itself it just needs the right exercises and stimulation.

                                        To purchase a workbook click on the above photos or Click here


                              Recover your language function after a stroke or brain injury